Regina Dentist: Why Health Style Dental?

A dental clinic where you, and your health come first.

Your health

Oral health is not only important to the appearance and condition of your teeth, but also to your overall health. Maintaining your oral health by visiting a Regina Dentist is important at all stages of life, especially as adults and seniors desire to keep their teeth longer than ever before.

Your smile

When you have a great smile, you will be better at 'Smiling at Life'. People who smile more feel better, emotionally and physically. Adding smiling to your health regime of eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising may just add a few years to your life.


When it comes to healthy teeth and gums, keep one word in mind: prevention. Using low radiation X-rays, steering clear of toxic materials and applying natural remedies may have a positive, significant impact on your body’s biological systems.

Get the health style experience

New Patient Exam Regina

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A HealthStyle Dental Experience appointment takes approximately 90 minutes. During this time, we gather all the information we need to diagnose the current state of your oral health.

More reasons to choose us

  • Optimal Dental Health
  • Quality of Care
  • Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Easy Parking
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Invisalign Regina
Veloscope Oral Cancer Screening

Meet the doctors

Regina Dentist

Dr. Larson

Dentist in Regina

Dr. Nguyen

Ready to make a change?

Truth is, in our world of constantly emerging new technologies, on-going education is a must.

It’s what helps us stay at the forefront of modern dental treatments and techniques – helping you get the best care possible,

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