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Why Health Style Dental?

Your health

Oral health is not only vital to the appearance and condition of your teeth, but also to your overall health. Maintaining your oral health by regularly visiting Regina Dentist Dr. Loreen Larson is important at all stages of life, especially for adults and seniors desiring to keep their teeth longer than ever before.

Your smile

People who smile more often feel better both emotionally and physically, so when you have a great smile you'll be able to 'Smile at Life'. The benefits of adding smiling to your health regime of eating right, getting enough sleep, and regular exercise may just add a few valuable years to your life.


When it comes to keeping teeth and gums healthy, keep one word in mind: prevention. By using low radiation X-rays and applying natural remedies, along with steering clear of toxic materials, you can prevent gum disease and have a significantly positive impact on your body’s biological systems.

Suffering from sleep apnea, snoring problems, or using CPAP? Consider an oral sleep appliance

Suffering from a sleep disorder can quickly begin to impact both your physical and mental health, so it's important to prioritize finding a solution. CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is a common treatment for people with sleep apnea or snoring issues, but comes with a number of downfalls such as discomfort, noise and disruption for sleep partner, and lack of portability for travel. Studies show that many CPAP users only tolerate their machine for a few hours a night and often abandon CPAP completely.

Now, through the use of MatRX by Zephyr Air, we can accurately determine if you’re a candidate for Oral Appliance Therapy. Sleep apnea and snoring problems can be effectively treated by constructing a custom-fitted oral appliance which is easily portable, more comfortable, and doesn't make any disruptive noise. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or book an appointment to find out if Oral Appliance Therapy is right for you.

Get the Health Style Dental experience

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At Health Style Dental, we believe in making stressful dentist appointments into positive dental visits, so each patient can walk out the door flashing a bright smile. On average, these appointments take approximately 90 minutes, during which we gather all the information we need to diagnose the current state of your oral health.  We don't only care about the health of our patients, we're also passionate about making each patient as comfortable during their stay as possible. Our team is highly educated, so feel free to voice any questions or concerns and we'll make sure that your Health Style experience benefits your health... in style!

More reasons to choose us

Optimal Dental Health

Quality of Care

Relaxed Atmosphere

Easy Parking

Prevent and treat Gum Disease with Perio Protect

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is extremely common. Many factors determine your risk for gum disease, though it commonly occurs when food particles build up along the gums and aren't properly cleaned. Gum disease can lead to many other health issues, so it's important to visit a dentist if you experience any symptoms such as red or swollen gums, bad breath, or bleeding. Though usually preventable by maintaining proper oral hygiene, gum disease can easily progress to requiring regular dental treatment, or in extreme cases surgery, which is often uncomfortable and invasive. Perio Protect is a method using a dental tray (the Perio Tray) which was developed to allow medicines to properly reach inside and treat the affected area. Customized for each patient and only needing to be worn for 10-15 minutes a day, Perio Protect provides effective, noninvasive disease management.

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