Why HealthStyle Dental?

Why HealthStyle Dental?

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At Healthstyle Dental, your oral health care is about more than simply filling cavities and fixing teeth.

While these two components of dental care are, of course, critical, we like to look at the bigger picture of your oral health because your oral health can impact your overall health and vice versa.


Attention to the  mouth-body connection

Gum disease is, unfortunately, a widespread problem today. In fact, it is estimated up to 70% of the world’s population is affected by some form of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can increase your risk of many health issues. With periodontal disease you can be:

  • 2 times more likely to have a stroke
  • 2-5 times more likely to have respiratory disease problems
  • 4-7 times more likely to have an adverse pregnancy outcome
  • 2-4 times more likely to suffer from diabetes

The inflammation, bacteria and infection that comes with gum disease can spread to the rest of your body through your circulatory system (blood and lungs). This new or extra inflammation is what can cause or exacerbate the medical health issues noted above.

Your mouth often acts as the proverbial canary in the coalmine

Some oral health problems can be early warning signs of underlying medical health issues. That’s why, at Healthsyle Dental, we consider dental care a key component of your overall health care.

Comprehensive dental exams including cancer screening using the sophisticated but simple VELscope oral assessment system are important in helping to catch health issues as early as possible. We also work in cooperation with your other health care practitioners to help ensure you get the best care possible.

An unbalanced bite can cause painful physical symptoms

A bite that is misaligned can cause a host of painful physical symptoms. How? Your jaw is a complex joint that is critical to everyday life. You use yours to eat, talk, sing, and a whole lot more.

When this heavily used joint isn’t working smoothly, it can impact the surrounding muscles and nerves. This problem is commonly referred to as a TMJ disorder. The staff and doctors at Healthstyle Dental are trained to recognize, diagnose and treat TMJ disorders, helping you find relief from chronic pain.

Sleep and breathing disorders can stem from a bad bite

Sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea can also be caused by a misaligned bite. As you sleep, your muscles relax. If your bite is misaligned, it can fall too far towards the back of your throat, blocking your airway while you sleep.

Sleep apnea is a dangerous medical condition that is often treated with a combination of medical tests and dental treatment. At Healthsyle Dental, our staff are trained to recognize, treat and refer, if required, airway and sleep disordered breathing problems.

Kids need monitoring as their teeth grow

page-image-why-healthstyledentalWhen it comes to children, tackling tooth and growth problem early is best. As your child grows, we’ll monitor his or her tooth, soft palate and jaw growth to ensure everything is unfolding as nature intended.

If there is an issue, we’ll intervene to help your child’s present and future oral health be the best it can be.

Eating well can translate to better oral health

Remember the saying’ “you are what you eat”? On top of regular brushing and flossing, dental exams, and professional cleanings, your diet has an impact on your oral health. Our staff are trained to help you choose the best foods for you and your family.

Protect your health with a smaller ecological footprint

By employing technologies such as digital x-rays, good quality materials, and lowering our waste with a paperless office system, we strive to reduce our impact on the environment – a responsibility that we take seriously.

Stick to high quality materials

You get what you pay for! We know there are low cost dental treatment options out there. For example, using off-shore dental labs can help lower the price tag. The trouble with this tactic is you may end up with sketchy materials such as non-precious metals of unknown content and contaminated porcelain.

At Healthstyle Dental we only use high quality “Enmax Certified” dental labs and the best materials for your dental treatments and restorations.

We are committed to on-going education

  • The Core Program
  • The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
  • Membership in the Online Sleep Academy
  • Working towards a Fellowship in Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Fellowship status in the International Congress of Oral Implantology
  • Post graduate training courses in the areas of Orthodontics, Implant Dentistry, Esthetic Dentistry and Adhesive Dentistry
  • LVI Fellowship

These are just a few snippets from the resumes of our dentists. Truth is, in our world of constantly emerging new technologies, on-going education is a must. It’s what helps us stay at the forefront of modern dental treatments and techniques – helping you get the best care possible,

Are you ready for excellent Regina dental care?

If you would like to learn more about the services, treatments and staff at Healthstyle Dental, please come in for a consultation. We’d love to meet you.


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