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Protect your teeth with MI Paste

header-image-MI-pasteMI Paste is a product that remineralizes and protects your teeth’s enamel. There are many things that can demineralize teeth and create an acid imbalance in your mouth.

When this happens, your teeth lose nutrients and strength, and you could have trouble producing enough saliva.

Saliva contains minerals that your teeth need to stay strong and healthy. 

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It’s all about pH balance

Like all natural environments, your mouth likes balance. When your mouth is healthy and you are not eating or drinking, its pH level is nearly neutral, similar to that of water. It’s balanced. Whenever you eat or drink, your mouth’s pH level becomes more acidic as acid from what you are consuming is introduced into your mouth. This puts your mouth is out of balance, pH-wise.

Other things, like plaque and tartar buildup, and some medications or illnesses can also increase the acidity of your mouth’s pH level.

Plaque and tartar buildup occurs with an acidic oral pH level, leading to tooth decay.

Your natural defense against an acidic oral pH level is your saliva. It:

  • protects teeth and soft tissues
  • washes bacteria and food away from your teeth
  • lessens enamel abrasion
  • helps neutralize acids to restore a neutral pH level
  • replenishes the calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions that are critical in remineralizing your teeth’s enamel

How does it MI Paste work?

page-images-MI-pasteMI Paste contains RECALDENT (CPP-ACP) , which is a special milk-derived protein that can help remineralize teeth, releasing vital minerals such as calcium and phosphate into your mouth. It gives your saliva a boost to increase its ability to neutralize acid and restore neutral pH levels.

MI Paste can also help relieve sensitivity by protecting your teeth’s nerve endings, and creating a buffer against plaque.

Who could benefit?

We recommend MI Paste for people who are or have:

  • sensitive teeth due to root exposure, tooth whitening, eroded teeth, cavities or cracked teeth
  • dry mouth caused by medications, chemotherapy, disease, smoking, or stress
  • acid erosion from soft drinks, alcohol, acidic foods
  • gastro esophageal reflux disease and eating disorders
  • a high risk for tooth decay
  • infants, children and special needs patients
  • cancer patients who suffer from dry mouth due to drugs and chemotherapy
  • orthodontics
  • white spots on their teeth from decalcification, hypomineralization, fluorosis, hypoplasia

Is MI Paste for you?

If you have any of the conditions listed above, MI paste could help. As with any dental treatment, it’s important to begin with an overall oral exam to ensure your mouth is in good health. If you would like to find out if MI Paste could help you, please book a consultation.

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