Migraines and Muscle Pain in Regina

How a “bad bite” can cause migraines and muscle pain

Headaches and muscle pain. regina dentistIf you are struggling with chronic migraines and muscle pain, you know that it can be more than frustrating. Migraine or muscle pain treatments like over the counter medicines,  prescription pain killers and and massage therapy, often provide only temporary relief. If you have been to the doctor and have hit a dead end, you could be looking in the wrong place. Your pain could be due to a bad bite.

How does muscle and head pain stem from your jaw?

Your frequent headaches or migraines, muscle tension, or muscle stiffness could be caused by a problem with your jaw. It’s hard to believe, but an issue with the alignment of your teeth could inflict a whole host of problems including migraines, and muscle pain in your neck, shoulders and back.

Say hello to your TMJ

When you can’t find any reason for your migraines and muscle pain, and nothing seems to take the pain away, you need to keep hunting for the source. Notoriously difficult to diagnose, this type of pain and muscle tension are classic symptoms of a TMJ disorder.

A TMJ disorder results from problems with the temporomandibular joint. Your TM joint is the essential hinge that connects both parts of your jaw. When it is healthy, it moves seamlessly. However, it can become strained or inflamed when your bite is out of alignment. Injuries to the jaw or stress can also cause a TMJ disorder.

As the joint becomes inflamed or its muscles become overly tense, the pain can radiate to other parts of your body causing headaches or neck, shoulder or back pain. away from the jaw can cause headaches. If you have been unable to find a migraine cure or a solution for your muscle pain, your dentist could be in the best position to help.

Your dentist could have the key to unlock your pain

If you’ve tried other treatments and your migraines and muscle pain are still disrupting your life, try looking in a different direction. Make an appointment with your dentist to discuss the possibility of a TMJ disorder.

Your Regina dentist will discuss your symptoms and perform an evaluation that includes a physical examination. Medical imagery can be valuable in pinpointing the problem. Together, you can discuss a TMJ treatment that could help relieve your migraines and ease your muscle pain.

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