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Start off on the right foot

healthstyle-experience-reginaIf you are a new patient, we’d like to really get to know the ins and outs of your oral health before we start any treatment. That’s why, for all new patients, we schedule what we call a New Patient Experience.

If you are an existing patient but have not had a comprehensive exam in 5 years, we  encouraged you to schedule a complete oral physical to get your oral health care back on track.

Get the HealthStyle Experience

What is the HealthStyle Dental Experience?

A HealthStyle Dental Experience appointment takes approximately 90 minutes.  During this time, we gather all the information we need to diagnose the current state of your oral health.

What kinds of  information do we need?

  • Your complete medical history
  • Your dental history
  • Your current blood pressure

We also perform the following tests:

  • Veloscope Oral Tissue Examination for oral cancer screening
  • TMD assessment (tempormandibular-joint ) to assess jaw joint function and jaw muscle health. This diagnostic exam involves palpating the muscles of your  jaw, as well as various questionnaires
  • Radiographs (x-rays) to detect cavities, as well as periodontal bone health
  • Panoramic view x-ray to diagnose any abnormalities, impacted wisdom teeth, periodontal bone loss, and assessment for placement for dental implants
  • Airway assessment for both growing young patients and adults
  • Screening for sleep apnea. We provide treatment in office, as well as referrals to sleep clinics
  • Esthetic assessment. This involves taking accurate tooth measurements to provide the diagnostic information needed to proceed with future treatment for esthetic purposes
  • Digital photos. We take a number of photos and review them with you so that you have a  good understanding of whats going on inside your mouth
  • Orthodontic assessment- both for children and adults. If teeth straightening is needed, we provide Invisalign along with traditional orthodontics
  • Periodontal health assessment including a measurement of bone levels and an assessment of your gum or gingival health

Why go through all this effort?

By taking the time to get to know everything we can about the state of your oral health, we are better prepared to plan the best approach to your oral health care. It’s our way of collecting what’s known as baseline data.

Doctors gather baseline data so they are able to monitor the results of treatment based on a solid starting point. It simply helps us understand what is normal for you so that we can ensure you are responding to your treatment in the most effective way possible.

Get the HealthStyle Experience

Why is your oral health so important?

Your oral health plays a big role in the state of your overall health. Unhealthy gums and dental decay can impact your general health by creating, or contributing to, systemic health issues such as:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • reproductive problems
  • pulmonary disease
  • diabetes
  • kidney disease

How? Recent studies show that the infection and inflammation from gum disease and tooth decay can spread to your body through your blood and lungs. In fact, your oral health can be your “canary in the coalmine”, as medical issues often first present themselves as a change in the health of your mouth.

Your dentist is part of your health care team. When your medical and dental health care providers collaborate, they are able to contribute significantly to your overall health and longevity by ensuring your general health is the best it can be.

Get on the right track

Whether you are;

  • New to the Regina area and are looking for a General Dentist
  • Looking for a new dentist
  • Or if your oral health care has fallen behind schedule

A HealthStyle Dental  Experience or comprehensive exam can help you take control of your oral health.

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