Can dentures give you a facelift?

facelift-dentures-reginaWhile traditional dentures are a common option to replace missing teeth, facelift dentures can give you a higher level of comfort, customization and confidence.

Beyond simply filling the gaps, facelift dentures can combat jaw bone resorption, the cause of that “sunken in” appearance that occurs when we lose our teeth.

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Your jawbones need stimulation

Tooth loss can have a bigger impact than you may think. You need your teeth to talk, bite, and chew, but your jawbones also depend on them. Without teeth, your jawbones lose the physical stimulation they need to stay healthy.

With traditional dentures, ones that are designed to rest on top of the gum tissue, that direct stimulation to the jaw bone material remains absent and the bone becomes reabsorbed. The result? Looking older than you actually are.

You have options

  1. Facelift dentures fit much better than traditional dentures. They’re also designed to rest partially on your jaw muscles providing that critical stimulation as you use your teeth. They are also positioned to place your bite at the position that allows your jaw muscles to function their best. This is the same position that gives your face the greatest support for better stability and aesthetics.
  2. Another option is implant supported dentures. These are dentures that are supported on either side with a dental implant. Because the dentures is rooted to your jawbone, implant supported dentures offer better stability and less jawbone loss.

The neuromuscular advantage

Because traditional dentures do not stimulate the alveolar bone (the ridge of bone that contains the sockets for your teeth), your jawbones don’t maintain their shape or function.

Traditional dentures are an alternative to no teeth while facelift dentures, or implant supported dentures effectively replace your teeth and stimulate your jawbone through better bite placement, function and support.

And that’s not all

dentures-reginaBecause of jawbone deterioration, dentures can become increasingly loose and create fit problems. resulting in the need for repairs, adhesives, or replacement. The superior fit of facelift dentures or implant supported dentures alleviates this problem and helps with jaw muscle relaxation and function.

With a more stable denture you may also notice you have:

  • Fuller lips
  • Less wrinkles
  • A younger appearance
  • An improved ability to chew or speak

Learn more about tooth replacement options

Life with missing teeth can have an impact on your health, comfort, appearance and self-confidence. Whether you choose dental implants, facelift dentures or implant supported dentures, you can enjoy a better quality of life and better health when you replace missing teeth.

If you would like to learn more about tooth replacement options, and which one might be best for you, please come in for a consultation.

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