White Dental Fillings

White dental fillings: Turn your back on black

white-dental-fillings-reginaNo matter how committed you are to your brushing, flossing and regular professional care regime, decay sometimes creeps in and causes cavities. When a cavity is detected, the treatment is usually a filling. Health Style Dental prefers white dental fillings. Here’s why.

White fillings

  • can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth making them the more aesthetic option
  • restore much of the original strength of your tooth with their strong stable bond
  • require less healthy tooth removal
  • don’t contain mercury, which some people consider toxic

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The problem with metal

While amalgam fillings have been used for decades there are some health  issues associate with the metal in fillings.  As the name suggests, amalgam fillings are made of a mix of tin, silver, copper and mercury. While there are concerns with the toxicity of mercury (dental practices are required to take special steps to dispose of mercury filling material), there are other health disadvantages to amalgam.

Metal expands and contracts as it is exposed to hot and cold temperatures. Since we humans like much of our food hot and our drinks cold (or vice versa) this property of metal can become problematic. As it expands, metal can cause teeth to crack, and as it contracts gaps can form between the filling and your tooth. In both cases this weakens the tooth and opens the door to bacteria and decay.

Why replace old metal fillings?

white-dental-fillings-reginaDuring your dental exam, we take a very close look at old metal fillings because a high percentage have cracks or gaps. They may look fine to the untrained eye, but even small gaps and cracks can cause problems.

As the old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine” goes, we prefer to intervene sooner rather than later. This approach can help protect your teeth as well as your pocketbook.

White fillings are strong, durable and attractive

Composite filling material is a blend of tooth coloured plastic and glass. In the past, white fillings were only were only recommended for small cavities, or on the front teeth due to strength issues. Today, the materials used to make metal free fillings have improved. In fact white fillings can restore up to 75% of your tooth’s strength.

For large cavities, porcelain fillings called inlays or onlays are often recommended. Porcelain is extremely strong and stain resistant. Because porcelain fillings must be custom-made in a lab, they tend to be more expensive than composite fillings. But, the strength and appearance benefits of porcelain can’t be beat.

Teeth should be tooth coloured

At Health Style Dental, we believe in getting things white the first time. That’s why we prefer composite and porcelain fillings over metal. Your health and appearance  are worth it.

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